Mission :"To ensure that the commission’s laid down rules/regulation and codes of conduct are observed both in the offices (Headquarters and Zonal offices) and in the field (Public Secondary Schools)."

The unit is principally a regulatory outfit of the commission it performs the following function:

  • Ensuring that the commission including zonal offices and public schools comply with regulations as stipulated in the financial and establishment circulars

  • Conducting investigation on illegal lay collection in schools as well as investigating financial matters in the zonal office as directed by the commission.

  • Conducting periodic checks on schools to ensure that fees collected are properly paid into the banks inconsonance with the financial institution(F.I)

  • Representing the commission in the panel on recovery of government funds and property.

  • Processing of external audit and Board of Enquiry reports with the main purpose of making recovery of government funds and property. In other words ensuring compliance with audit and enquiry reports.

  • Inviting those whose cases require interview with the unit and Senior Staff Committee (SSC)

  • Liaising with the legal unit to investigate cases involving:

  •                          a. Theft
                             b. Burglary
                             c. Accident
                             d. Student unrest
                             e. Cultism in schools
                             f. Vandalism etc.

  • Investigating cases of administrative misdemeanour by school principals and indiscipline/insubordination by school staff.

  • Carrying out other ad-hoc duties assigned by the commission from time to time.

  • Work programme of the internal audit unit.