The legal unit of the commission is as old as the commission itself. It is an autonomous unit within the commission, and is directly under the office of the Chairman. The legal unit serves as the nerve centre, that co-ordinates and ensures that all administrative functions, actions, decisions, orders, values and regulations of various departments of the commission are exercised within the ambits of the law. The legal unit performs other cardinal functions herein stated below;

  • It bears the sole responsibility of handling all civil and criminal cases affecting the commission pending in various courts.
  • It also has a duty to interviews and prepare witnesses, and appearing in courts on behalf of the commission.

Furthermore, the legal unit offers legal advice to the departments and officers of the commission. It also investigates and handles matters of land encroachment in our secondary schools, and other criminal cases arising in our schools.

The legal unit, where necessary may advice the commission on the best way for out of court settlement of some cases rather than engage in long legal battles in court, after a careful study of the merits and demerits of the case(s).