Prof. Nkechi Ikediugwu
Chairman, PPSSC Anambra

Honorable chairman's bio and other info coming up soon. .



To ensure the realization of the Mission and vision of the State Post-Primary Schools Services Commission (PPSSC)


1. Function as the Chief Executive of the Commission.

2. Receive and act on mails of the commission and ensures the implementation of all directives from the State Governor and the Hon. Commissioner for Education.

3. Give directives to the Secretary for implementation by the Directors, HODs and other Officers of the commission.

4. Works directly with the three autonomous units of the commission.

5. Presides over regular Commission's meetings and the Commissions Management Meetings with Principals

6. Approves all expenditures of the commission.

7. Receive and relate with visitors to the Chairman's Office.

8. Co-operate with relevant trade-unions and professional organizations.

9. Attend officials meetings within and outside the commission.

10. Act as the overall "Image-Maker" of the Commission.

11. Attend and present necessary Addresses in various functions organized by the Commission and schools.

12. Attend workshops and meetings required of him at the State and Federal levels.