Mr. Emmanuel Obagha

Mission :"To receive funds and remit or disburse same in accordance with the prevailing fiscal policy and regulatory framework."

The Dept. manages the finances of the commission, ensuring that rules are strictly adhered to and that the commission adopts a culture of financial discipline. Since the inception of the commission, the department has maintained a record of keeping the commission free of ghost workers and facilitated the existing process where salaries and retirement benefits are promptly articulated and paid. The accounts department comprises of the following units:

  • Payroll Unit
  • Cash Office Unit
  • Revenue Unit
  • Budget Unit
  • Pension Accounts
  • Finance Management



Mission :"To provide effective administration and management of human and material resources; creating enabling environment for the Commission’s workforce."

The Administrative department is saddled with the task of ensuring that man, materials and methods are properly synchronized in order to harness optimal performance from every resource available to the Commission. The performance of this department is evident in the job satisfaction which employees/workers enjoy as well as the output recorded on every unit of resource utilised in the organization and in the schools. The department is divided into the following units for effective co-ordination.

  • Records Division
  • Promotions Division
  • Recruitment Division
  • Personnel Matters
  • Pension Administration


Mrs. Victoria Elusiahu

Mission :"To provide a system for enhanced effective educational system for quality education and value for money."

The Education Services Department is divided into Five (5) Units according to the services they perform, in order to allow each unit focus on a core element of post primary education in the state. The Units comprises of:

  • Guidance and Counselling Unit
  • Schools Development Unit
  • Examinations Unit
  • Special Education and Library/Books Development Unit
  • Sports Unit

The Units have the mandate to always seek to enhance the quality of education and the effectiveness of the educational system by conducting quality examinations, providing effective guidance to help the students find their path as well as avail sporting activities to develop both mental and physical attributes of the kids for efficient productivity.



Mission :"To collate and analyse educational data for research and planning to aid effective educational service delivery and is divided into three units to achieve this mission:
                  * Strategic Unit
                  * Research Unit
                  * Statistics Unit "


The Planning, Research and Statistics Department popularly called the PRS department is responsible for providing the analytical framework to aid Management in its decision making.

The Unit is indeed integral in fostering the consistency the Commission has recorded in making effective and efficient decisions.


Mrs. Ebere Okudo

Mission :"To relate teaching and learning of science subjects with its application to technology for living."

It comprises of Five (5) Units for effective performance.

  • Science Education Unit
  • Technical Education Unit
  • Works and Maintenance Unit
  • Information and Communications Technology Unit
  • Home Economics Department

  • The department is headed by a Director who plans, co-ordinates, supervises, organize and direct the affairs of the various Units while the Units are manned by a head.

    Past directors of the department.

           1. Engr. Ben Agaly
           2) Mr Okonkwo, P.
           3) Mr John Okonkwo
           4) Mr Don Nwoye
           5) Mrs Ugochukwu Obi
           6) Mr Daniel Nwanta
           7) Mrs Josephine Obi
           8) Mr Chidi Abafor
           9) Mrs Uzoamaka Dorothy Ezeani



Mission :"To ensure sound content and appropriate distribution of teaching-learning items in accordance with set standard and best practices."

The Schools and Education Quality Assurance Department is at the core of the primary mandate of the Commission; charged with crafting and fostering ways by and through which the quality of education in the state is constantly enhanced.