Mission : To make the post primary school service commission (PPSSC) a household name which Anambrains will not only identify with, but also feel and relate to, throught elaborate publicity on the activities of the commission.





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Mission :"To ensure that the commission’s laid down rules/regulation and codes of conduct are observed both in the offices (Headquarters and Zonal offices) and in the field (Public Secondary Schools)."


The unit is principally a regulatory outfit of the commission it performs the following function:

  • Ensuring that the commission including zonal offices and public schools comply with regulations as stipulated in the financial and establishment circulars

  • Conducting investigation on illegal lay collection in schools as well as investigating financial matters in the zonal office as directed by the commission.

  • Conducting periodic checks on schools to ensure that fees collected are properly paid into the banks inconsonance with the financial institution(F.I)

  • Representing the commission in the panel on recovery of government funds and property.

  • Processing of external audit and Board of Enquiry reports with the main purpose of making recovery of government funds and property. In other words ensuring compliance with audit and enquiry reports.

  • Inviting those whose cases require interview with the unit and Senior Staff Committee (SSC)

  • Liaising with the legal unit to investigate cases involving:

  •                          a. Theft
                             b. Burglary
                             c. Accident
                             d. Student unrest
                             e. Cultism in schools
                             f. Vandalism etc.

  • Investigating cases of administrative misdemeanour by school principals and indiscipline/insubordination by school staff.

  • Carrying out other ad-hoc duties assigned by the commission from time to time.

  • Work programme of the internal audit unit.


Mr. Okey Egbuna

Mission :"An internal control mechanism put in place in the commission for internal checks and balances and reports directly to the Chairman of the commission."


Internal Audit Unit came into existence with the creation of Anambra State in 1991 when State Education Commission was established at Ifitedunu, Dunukofia LGA Anambra State. It was headed by Chief L.C. Okeke, who put in all the necessary structures in the six educational zones of the state for effective financial monitoring and control in the new state. It has since grown in functions and number as schools have grown.
It is an autonomous unit under the portfolio of the Chairman of PPSSC, which deals with the administrative control of finances of the commission and functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system of the commission.


  • Ensures effective internal control machinery by its advisory role to the commission on all financial matters as well as carrying out full scale audit inspection of accounts and records kept in all state schools in all zonal offices and headquarters at intervals.

  • Conducting p-re-payment audit of all payment vouchers, of all salary vouchers, and the periodic verifications of the commission present values.

  • Determines and confirms the appropriate salary points for both tutorial and non-tutorial staff of the commission who are promoted to new salary scale and step.

  • Conducts market surveys and periodic stock checks of the commission store of inventories and other stock checks.

  • Special investigations on violation of guidelines given through the commission to schools- illegal levies in schools and zonal offices.

  • Issue audit queries, analysis reports, raises audit alarms (when necessary), recovers cash shortages and under-lodgements from erring schools principals, bursars and other commission personnel involved in fraudulent practices.


Audit has six out-stations in the six educational zones of the state. Each zonal office is headed by a Zonal Interval Auditor who reports to the Chairman through the Head of Audit Unit at Headquarters. Staff of zonal offices are Headquarter staff and their entitlements are taken care of at the Headquarters.


Barr. Mrs. Celestina Onyeagba


The legal unit of the commission is as old as the commission itself. It is an autonomous unit within the commission, and is directly under the office of the Chairman. The legal unit serves as the nerve centre, that co-ordinates and ensures that all administrative functions, actions, decisions, orders, values and regulations of various departments of the commission are exercised within the ambits of the law. The legal unit performs other cardinal functions herein stated below;

  • It bears the sole responsibility of handling all civil and criminal cases affecting the commission pending in various courts.
  • It also has a duty to interviews and prepare witnesses, and appearing in courts on behalf of the commission.

Furthermore, the legal unit offers legal advice to the departments and officers of the commission. It also investigates and handles matters of land encroachment in our secondary schools, and other criminal cases arising in our schools.

The legal unit, where necessary may advice the commission on the best way for out of court settlement of some cases rather than engage in long legal battles in court, after a careful study of the merits and demerits of the case(s).